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Michelle’s radio career spans 28 years. She began working at secular stations throughout Oklahoma and Wyoming before returning to her native Texas, to work for Metro Traffic. She has also worked for USA Radio News, WBAP, KCBI and with American Broadcasting School where she served as their Campus/Job Placement Director. Michelle also owns a small voice-over and production company.

She joined the Magnum Broadcasting, Inc. family in January of 2018, as a Sr. Marketing Specialist, and Host of Local Live!, heard on News Talk 106.3 FM, and 970 AM WBLF.  Michelle originally got into radio and broadcasting because she believes in giving back to the community. She loves the fact that radio brings awareness to so many worthy causes and charities and rallies listeners to help people in their own communities and beyond. She especially feels blessed to be a part of radio broadcasting, which connects people through the music and programming.

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